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76ers' offense struggling without center Spencer Hawes

So how much different are these 76ers when they have center Spencer Hawes in the lineup rather than on the bench?

So how much different are these 76ers when they have center Spencer Hawes in the lineup rather than on the bench?


Sixers coach Doug Collins has been pointing out the offensive slippage of his team to the press corps. And if you take a look at some of the Sixers' numbers as Hawes mends from his strained left Achilles' tendon injury, you kind of get the picture of what he's talking about.

The biggest differences are in scoring numbers and shooting percentages with some key player in the rotation.

As a whole, it goes without saying that they are not as good, averaging just 90.7 points in Hawes' absence as opposed to the 102.6 they have put up with him healthy and on the floor.

Taken individually, the guy who looks like he's missing Hawes' presence the most is reserve guard Lou Williams. In the 12 games with Hawes, Williams is averaging 17.3 points per game and making 45 percent (68 of 151) of his field goals.

But take the big man out of the mix and his numbers come down sharply. Williams has averaged 13.0 points per game without Hawes on the floor. His field goal percentage? A measly 36.5 percent (38 of 104).

Jrue Holiday is missing him, too. With Hawes, Holiday is averaging 15.2 points. Without him, Williams averages 13.0. However, it's his shooting percentage which, while not as grand as Williams', falls noticeably from 45.0 (72 of 160) to 40.3 percent (48 of 119).

Andre Iguodala's play has improved – he's registered a triple-double in Hawes' absence – but he's also having more trouble with his shot without Hawes. Iguodala averages 14.7 playing alongside Hawes, 10.4 without him.

Of course, if the team is scoring fewer points it stands to reason that the point totals would decline. However, the shooting percentages seem to plummet. Iguodala's field goal percentage drops from 47.7 percent (61 of 128) to 41.2 percent (35 of 85) sans Hawes. Iguodala has been lethal from behind the 3-point line with Hawes (43.5 percent), connecting on 20 of 46 treys. Meanwhile, he's shooting a pretty pedestrian 5 of 21 (23.8 percent) as Hawes continues to mend.

The saving grace for Sixers continues to be their play at the defensive end, where they are actually slightly better without Hawes. In the nine games without Hawes, the Sixers have held opponents to 86.3 points. With him they allow just 85.9.