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Iguodala Ready To Go Tonight

Andre Iguodala says he is ready to go tonight after battling right Achilles tendonitis.

Speaking after this morning's shootaround, Iguodala says he feels much better as the Sixers face the Chicago Bulls in tonight's Game 3 of their Eastern Conference opening round series that is tied one game apiece.

"Two days helped me a lot," Iguodala said. "It may not seem like a lot of time but I did a lot of treatment yesterday and I feel like I have a whole new leg."

He was encouraged with the way he was moving on the court.

"I got my leg underneath me and today I felt a lot better," he said.

Iguodala expects a lower scoring game than the first two in this series.

The winning team has scored more than 100 points in each game.

"I kind of look for the series to turn to kind like a grind, low-scoring, trying to take each other out of our comfort areas," he said.

And of course one of the key matchups will be Luol Deng and Iguodala, two of the top defensive players in the league.