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AI's first day

Just got here to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where the 76ers will practice today and, more importantly, where Allen Iverson will practice for the first time (this time around) with the team. Sixers play the Denver Nuggets tomorrow night at the Wachovia Center in Iverson's return debut ... just a heads up in case you've been out of the country for a week.

So here's what we got today ... I know it's just a practice, but it's Iverson's return to the court with his team and maybe we'll get one key answer today (then again, maybe we won't): Will Iverson be starting tomorrow night? I'm sure most Sixers fans are anticipating tomorrow night's starting lineup announcement, anticipating giving Iverson that standing ovation. I'll be able to post all news first on Twitter, so feel free to join the fun there: Deep Sixer.

Practice starts at noon. Considering they're practicing off a weeklong road trip and play the Nuggets tomorrow night, chances are the practice won't go long. If it weren't for wanting a day of practice with AI, chances are good the team would have the day off.

As soon as practice gets out, I'll be posting a blog and videos from practice ... Be sure to check back here early afternoon. Sixers are 5-15, losers of 9 straight. Nuggets are 15-5. Sixers landed late last night/early this morning after last night's tough 106-105 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

After practice, hoping to answer a few questions about the Answer: How's it look like he's going to fit in tomorrow? Will he start (mentioned above)? What's it like for him to be back on the court with these guys? What kind of stuff were they going over today?

More soon ...


(And for the die-hard Sixers fans out there, I'll be sure to update about Holiday's status, Green's wrist injury, Iguodala's right ankle, and the seemingly non-existent defense -- perimeter defense, especially.)