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Aron's tweets indicate big changes could be coming down the pike

For the better part of the season, especially when everything was peachy down at the Wells Fargo Center, 76ers chief executive officer and co-owner Adam Aron's job looked to be mostly about making sure that the confetti machines were tuned up and ready to churn out the red, white and blue snow that they belched out after all of those early victories.

But now that we have seen the Sixers drop 21 of their last 33 games heading into Saturday's game with Indiana (and fighting still for the final seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs), Aron, a Twitter maven, has tweeted some things recently that will no doubt endear him even more to the team's faithful.

This past week he tweeted that "Ownership fully understands all the fan angst about the @Sixers 11-21 record since starting 20-9. Status quo is not good enough."

This one was pretty good, too: " YOUR OUR TWITTER GM: Name 1 or more current Sixers you believe MUST be on roster next year, 1 or 2 you'd trade and why... "KEEP: TRADE:"

While Aron's angst is good to see out there in the social media, trust me, nothing shows as much dissatisfaction as the look on the face of head honcho Joshua Harris following some of these wretched utter collapses that have been passed off as pro basketball games on the Sixers fans.

Harris is a self-made billionaire – yes, with a 'b' – and he didn't get that way by being accepting of mediocrity. I'm sure that's going to be applied to the way he runs his basketball team, too.

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