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Iverson arrives at 5:59

There was a little bit of a chaotic scene inside the 76ers locker room a few minutes ago. It was 5:55 and Allen Iverson's locker was still untouched, the point guard had yet to arrive. Sixers owner Ed Snider walked into the locker room and there seemed to be a quick conference where there was some panic and the word "traffic" was mentioned.

At 5:59, Iverson walked into the locker room in street clothes. In the Deep Sixer video player below on the right, there's a video of Iverson walking into the locker room. And if you want to know your Sixers news as it happens, follow on Twitter: Deep Sixer.

Standard arrival time to the arena is around 90 minutes before the game, but Iverson looked a little harried and, as mentioned above, there seemed to be an issue with traffic.

He quickly changed into his uniform and was on the court shooting with assistant coach Aaron McKie by about 6:04, with fans yelling, "Welcome back Allen," etc., etc. Wachovia Center should be sold out tonight.

One more bit of information: Expect the starting line up -- which is Iverson, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Elton Brand, and Samuel Dalembert -- to be announced with Iverson in the 4th spot and Iguodala being announced last. That would seem opposite what you would think, because you would think Iverson would be announced last because of the fan reaction. That's just the word on the street, there could be a change of heart, but as of latest news, Iguodala would still be announced last.

More later ...