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Now What?

What can we take from last night's victory? Is it just one win against a struggling team or is better play on the horizon?

I don't have these answers yet, no one does. But what we learned is that the 76ers and Ed Stefanski aren't settling for a 9-14 basketball team. And as a fan, you have to be pleased that a change was made because that change said, "We admit we aren't good enough."

So if the problem was Mo's coaching, things should improve. And if it wasn't, then we'll know a change must be made with the roster.

But looking at last night's game, a couple of things stand out.

1.) Andre Miller: Four shots, 12 assists. This is the play the Sixers need from Miller. With Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, Thad Young, Lou Williams, et. all ready to take (and, hopefully, make) shots, Millers needs to be the catalyst.

2.) Samuel Dalembert: 17 rebounds. Um. YES PLEASE. That's it. That's what Samuel does. He doesn't need to do anything but grab 17 boards a game -- although asking for 17 a game might be unrealistic. Heck, maybe Sammy can close the gap on Dwight Howard in the race to the All-Star Game. (Jokes.)

3.) Elton Brand. 12 for 19 on field goals, 27 points. This is Brand's most impressive game, especially given the circumstances. We've been on him lately. New coach. Pressure to prove he can be a part of this offense. I am not saying all problems are solved, but the thought did cross my mind that a new coach with fresh ideas about how to make the half-court offense smoother (when they need to run the half-court offense) could improve the Elton Brand we see within these sets.

Right now, I really feel like the road swing over the Holidays and New Year's is going to tell us a lot about the direction of this team. The games: Boston, Denver, Utah, Clippers, Dallas, San Antono. I think at that time the team will have adjusted to the changes and settled into what their identity will be under Coach Tony DiLeo.