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T-minus 24 hours

The 76ers, a team that once seemed destined to make a splash at this season's NBA trading deadline, looks like it will hold onto its young core and Andre Iguodala, according to multiple league sources. One GM cautioned that the Sixers might be sniffing around a few minor deals, but nothing that would touch the Nuggets-Knicks deal for Carmelo Anthony or the Jazz-Nets deal for Deron Williams. And nothing that, as yet, was in any solid form.

Yes, as of right now things are quiet on the Sixers' trading front. The pieces being considered as tradeable are the obvious ones: Jason Kapono's $6.6 million expiring contract, Darius Songaila's $4.8 million expiring, and Andres Nocioni and his approximately $13.5 million remaining over this season and next. Teams have inquired about the availability of Marreese Speights, whose playing time has dwindled, but the Sixers won't easily part with one of their big men, a position at which they're already weak. At last season's trading deadline, the Sixers acquired Jodie Meeks from the Milwaukee Bucks for Royal Ivey and Primoz Brezec. As one GM offered, he could see the Sixers making another minor deal like this one -- using the aforementioned expiring assets. Otherwise, expect this trading deadline to pass without a move. The Sixers will consider buying out Kapono, who could then sign with another team, if they can't include him in a deal, or find him a deal, before the deadline.

According to a source, the Sixers have nothing going with the Portland Trail Blazers, whose center Marcus Camby could be a nice (albeit aged) addition to the team's frontcourt. Earlier in the season there were rumblings about acquiring Los Angeles Clippers' center Chris Kaman, but now it appears the price for such a trade would be too steep for the Sixers.

As this season has progressed, it's become clear that coach Doug Collins has built a very strong, cohesive roster and that has certainly cooled the Sixers' potential interest in making a roster-shaking move. Collins himself said after Monday's practice that he doesn't forsee a move.

Still about 24 hours remaining, so we'll be on it until then. If you want more immediate info, follow on Twitter: Deep Sixer.


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