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The T-Mac question

Now that the Houston Rockets have made it clear they're looking to deal Tracy McGrady, the question -- of course -- is if the 76ers are possibly in on the McGrady action. The answer, right now, is no, there's nothing close right now w/ the Sixers and Houston.

A source close to the situation said that nothing is happening and it's doubtful anything will happen between the two teams, although the source said nothing can be ruled out.

Trade scenarios between the two teams have been discussed this season, but nothing that looks like it will work.

Let's be clear that probably most NBA teams are calling the Rockets right about now to see what they'd want for McGrady's expiring deal.

In conclusion: the odds of T-Mac becoming a Sixer are no greater than the odds of him ending up w/ most other franchises right about now. But keep the e-mail pleas coming!

Hope that's somewhat helpful.