After last night's 110-91 loss to the Boston Celtics, Andre Iguodala sat in front of his locker. He had ice wrapped on his knees. And he did not seem happy with the "trash-talking" of the opponent he just played. Iguodala said these Celtics were known around the league for their smack talk.
"It takes away from how good of a team they are. It takes away from their respect factor. Teams won't respect them as much."
Iguodala also said the Celtics were lacking in the intimidation department.
"I think they're a good team, but they don't have the intimidation factor of those Detroit teams."
(I think he was referring to the early-2000 Detroit teams, not the ones with Rodman, Isiah, et all ...)
Of last night's loss, Iguodala said: "We were doing the right things, we just couldn't get a break."
I believe on this day, the day before Christmas, we should let those words stand on their own.