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Video: Jordan after win

The 76ers stopped their 12-game losing streak tonight, beating the Golden State Warriors.

Couple of interesting things post-game. First, the video of Sixers coach Eddie Jordan talking after tonight's win. You can check it out in the Deep Sixer video player below on the right. A lot of the press conference is about power forward Elton Brand. Jordan benched Brand, starting rookie Jrue Holiday instead.

Jordan alludes to their being other reasons -- other than matchups -- for not starting Brand.

Second thing, after the game, Brand said he doesn't expect he'll start the next game. Brand was very professional about not starting, said Jordan knows he'll still be professional about it. But the best quotes was when we asked Brand if he found it hard to believe he was in this position. Brand said: "When you look around at other teams, yeah. No disrespect, but Mikki Moore, he gets to start and I don't."

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More tomorrow from practice ...