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What would Brian Shaw have done against Heat?

If you're a 76ers fan and you know that Indiana assistant coach Brian Shaw is being considered for the head coaching job here, here's a question you might like to have president and general manager Sam Hinkie ask Shaw when and if they ever interview him: What did you think about the decision to bench Hibbert at the end of overtime on the game's final possession in overtime in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals?

James' lay-up with time expiring gave the Heat a 103-102 victory and a 1-0 lead in the conference finals

South Jersey's Frank Vogel pulled the 7-2 big man twice at the end of the game, a move most felt was the wrong one. And granted, the moment Paul George overshot LeBron James, the greatest athlete in the game, the odds were short, even if Hibbert were in the game, that anyone was going to get over in time to seriously challenge James at the rim.

While it's not a given that Hibbert would have been able to change the outcome, you have to at least have your big man on the floor to protect the rim. You can't weaken your team in these moments, which is exactly what Vogel did.

I wonder what Shaw was thinking at that moment? I'd ask him if he protested or if he just sat idly by and watched Vogel make this blunder? In fact, it's something I'll ask Shaw at some point down the road, whether he's coaching the Sixers or not.