What did the car salesman say to the doctor?

More importantly, what did the doctor say to the Hasidic rabbi? And why would the car salesman suggest that the doctor give $5,000 to the rabbi who was holding a fundraiser for the politician at the Russian restaurant?

There's no punchline in today's story about Dr. Richard Glunk, who isn't laughing.

Glunk is furious.

The controversial plastic surgeon, who is fighting a $20.5 million jury verdict stemming from the 2001 liposuction death of a Delaware County teenager, is now facing a 60-day suspension of his medical license.

The saga involves Glunk, tax-evading car salesman Gary Barbera, politically connected Rabbi Solomon Isaacson, and Bob Brady. Glunks says he's being railroaded.

He also got some bad news last month when a state Superior Court panel upheld the verdict in the liposuction lawsuit. Glunk's lawyer is asking the full court to hear the appeal.