A Delaware man who allegedly robbed "escorts" he met online with a Taser gun while claiming to be a police officer was done in by his gambling habit Tuesday, when police took him to custody at Harrah's Casino in Chester.

David W. Jones, 35, of New Castle, met "escorts" online, some of whom later admitted to being prostitutes, and arranged to met the women at various locations, police said. The first two robberies took place on April 26 and April 29 at two different hotels in Newark, according to Delaware State Police.

When the meetings went down, Jones claimed to be a police officer and robbed both women of their cash, cell phones and personal belongings at point of Taser gun, police said. In the latter instance, the victim also claimed Jones touched her inappropriately.

In the third and final instance, on May 14, Jones broke into a vacant house in Bear, Del., and had a 30-year-old escort meet him there, police said. The escort brought two other women, ages 40 and 55, with her who stayed behind in the car, police said.

Once inside the house, Jones identified himself as a cop, flashed a badge and the Taser gun and tied the escort up, police said.

He then got the other two women out of the car and brought them insides as well, according to authorities. He robbed all of the women of their personal belongings and stole their car, a 2008 Hyundai Elantra, police said.

Police were able to identify Jones, who they learned frequented Harrah's Casino in Chester, Delaware County.

At about 4 p.m. Tuesday, Pennsylvania State Police saw Jones on the casino floor and arrested him without incident, police said. In the casino parking, police recovered the car he allegedly stole.

Jones was charged with robbery, kidnapping, impersonating a police officer and related offenses.