A woman who received her second driving under the influence offense this year had an unsuspecting passenger in her car when she crashed in an Upper Darby parking lot Saturday - her three-legged dog, according to police.

Given that the crash happened around noon, it's not clear if the driver had partaken the hair of the dog routine, but police believe she had consumed at least two pints of Windsor Canadian whiskey prior to the crash, said Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

Police were called to the parking lot of a Shop Rite on State Road near Township Line Road for reports of a crash and found Susan Martino, 49, of Aston - who apparently has a hollow leg - on scene holding on to the back of a pick-up truck, Chitwood said.

"She truly was ossified," Chitwood said.

Martino's car, a red Dodge Avenger, was stuck on a grass median and her dog was in the back of her vehicle, police said.

On Martino, police found an empty pint of Windsor Canadian and they found another empty pint of the Canuck booze in her car, Chitwood said. She flunked a field sobriety test and was taken in for booking, police said. The entire time though, Martino allegedly had just one concern - her three-legged pal.

'All she kept asking police was for a ride home for her and her dog," Chitwood said. "She was very concerned about her dog."

The dog, a shepherd mix named Nessie, was transported from the scene to Keystone Vetreinary Hospital in Haverford by a kindly tow-truck driver from Herbie's Towing, Chitwood said. Once she was released from police custody, Martino picked up her dog, according to police.

"I hope she was sober when she took the dog home," Chitwood said. "Hopefully she doesn't give him any Windsor Canadian."

According to police, Martino was arrested for DUI in March and was driving on a license that was suspended for failure to pay insurance.

Hopefully the incident left Martino sick as a dog - and with legal bills that will cost and arm and a leg - so she won't ever put others, herself or her pooch in harm's way again by getting behind the wheel drunk.