I have been told by many a native that the unofficial drink of Delco is Genny Cream Ale. Why? Because Delco.

But Delco, that wild and wonderful blue-collar Philly suburb that, according to Urban Dictionary, has "a 42:1 ratio when it comes to Bars to Library's," (and yes, libraries is misspelled in the entry), will soon have its own, official drink.

2SP Brewing Company in Aston is set to release its six core beers within the next few weeks and among them is Delco Lager: "The All-Weather Beer."

Ben Muse, director of brewery operations for 2SP, said the company's brewer, Bob Barrar, is a Delco native and lifer who wanted to pay homage to his home county.

"Bob just said from the get-go that he really wanted to make an amber lager and call it Delco," Muse said. "He said he wanted it to be the beer you take to an Eagles tailgate and if you're watching a Flyers game at Cocco's."

Muse, who is not from Delco, said the area is growing on him.

"It's a very fun place to be. I'm from the beaches in Delaware but man, you cross that state line and it's a world of difference," he said. "It's great!"

Muse and his business partner, Michael Stiglitz, who own Two Stones Pub in Kennett Square, Newark, Del., and Wilmington, Del., teamed up with Barrar, who was the brewer at Iron Hill in Media for 12 years, and founded 2SP Brewing early last year in Aston.

The brewery has everything ready to go and is just waiting on final label approvals before distributing its products and opening its doors for tours and tastings. Muse said he hopes that happens within the next two weeks.

Alas, you won't be able to get the retro Delco Lager cans until next year though. The brewery is only doing drafts for 2015, but the goal is to start the canning line in 2016, Muse said.

"Most of it will be sold in Delco, but if everyone loves it and it catches fire, that's great," Muse said. "The goal is to try and run it very deep. Hopefully every bar in Delco has it on for the next couple of years."

And, if "Delco Proper" gets picked up by Comedy Central, there could be a prime opportunity for some Delco Lager placement.

Take that, Duff Beer.