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Dems about to overtake GOP in Delco

The Republican voter-registration edge in Delaware County, a onetime GOP stronghold, has been reduced to 737 votes.

Got an email last week from the Delaware County Democratic Committee, asking for a campaign contribution to help its slate of candidates this year. No, I'm not giving politicians money. I'd rather drink turpentine and piss on a brush fire. Plus, as John Baer will tell you, they already get enough free stuff (promo code: H47T).

What caught my attention was this email's subject line: "737." That's what the Republicans' voter-registration edge has been reduced to in the longtime GOP stronghold.

Delco Democrats have been saying for years that they would "soon" outnumber Republicans, but now it's actually about to happen. The most recent count shows there are 170,160 Republicans and 169,423 Democrats. Add in about 40,000 self-described independents, non-partisans and goofy-ass voters – a good chunk of which are probably liberal – and Democratic-minded voters probably already outnumber conservatives.

"This is significant because the trend continues after the presidential election year, which always has huge voter registration drives led by the national party. Here we see the gap narrow in an off-year election," said David Landau, chairman of the county Democratic committee. "We are within striking distance of a majority by the November election."

Democratic presidential candidates have won Delaware County in every race since 1992, but Republicans still control the County Council and row offices in Media. I have a feeling that monopoly might be winding down.

Paging John McClure ...