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Protesters: Justice for ... Chester cop shooter?

Philly protesters that hit the streets after Monday's no-indictment announcement in Ferguson also want "justice" for Frank McQueen, who allegedly shot a cop in Chester.

It began with a demand for justice for Michael Brown. But some of the protesters that hit the streets following Monday's no-indictment announcement in Ferguson, seem to have a much wider agenda – from justice for cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to plans to "boycott Black Friday."

According to a list that Daily News reporter Vinny Vella obtained from Philadelphia protest leaders last night, one of the "suggestions" for Philly demands is "Justice for Frank McQueen."

Who is Frank McQueen?

He's a dead man. But, while alive, he racked up a five-page rap sheet that stretched from Philadelphia to Delaware County to Camden.

McQueen, 34, also shot a cop in Chester, allegedly, after police responded to a domestic-violence call in June. Then McQueen was shot to death.

Yeah, that Frank McQueen.

What exactly would justice look like in this situation?