Even the Grinch wouldn't do this to Max.

Seven puppies who are no more than two months old were found abandoned in a crate on the side of Route 291 in Chester today, said Delaware County SPCA spokeswoman Justina Calgiano.

They were brought in to the SPCA shortly before noon by two good Samaritans who asked not to be identified, Calgiano said. The puppies were covered in feces when they were found, leaving SPCA officials to wonder how long they had been left out in the cold.

While some were skinnier than others and some had weepy eyes, all were generally in good health, Calgiano said.

The puppies, six boys and one girl, appear to be shepherd-lab mixes and all from the same litter, Calgiano said. They were christened with Christmas names today by the SPCA staff - the girl was named Dancer and the boys were named Comet, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph, Buddy the Elf and Kris.

The puppies are expected to be spayed and neutered next week and will be up for adoption in time for Christmas.

"Our goal is to get them healthy and place them in homes," Calgiano said.

She said if the person who dumped the pups is identified, they could face abandonment charges under animal cruelty laws.

One thing is for sure, whoever the Scrooge is, his heart is full of unwashed socks and his soul is full of of gunk.