Four ostensibly po'boys were arrested by Yeadon police Saturday for robbing a shorti of his meatball sub at gun point.

Police said the 13-year-old victim had just left Nick's Deli on Church Lane around 7 p.m. when he was approached by two men who got out of a Ford Expedition at Myra Avenue near Bonsall.

The first man, Rashawn Mallory, 21, of Philadelphia, pointed a black handgun at the boy and said "Whatever you do, don't move" and "If you do anything, I'll cap you," according to court documents.

At the same time, the second man, Ernest Barnett, 22, also of Philadelphia, allegedly went through the victim's pockets.

Police said that when the men realized the boy had nothing of value, Mallory grabbed the boy's $5.50 meatball sandwich and both men ran back to the car.

The robbers didn't even take the boy's cell phone, which he used to call the cops immediately after the incident.

Police quickly found the vehicle and arrested Mallory, Barnett and two other men in the car - Rainey Smith, 21, and Antray Graves Jr., 20, both of whom are from Philadelphia.

Inside of the car, which was registered to Mallory's mom, police said they found a .38 caliber revolver.