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Video shows ousted Colwyn cop Tasering in department

A YouTube video shows ousted Colwyn Deputy Chief Wendell Reed Tasering a parking enforcement officer for laughs inside of the borough's tiny police department.

A YouTube video shows Colwyn Deputy Chief Wendell Reed Tasering a parking enforcement officer for laughs inside of the borough's tiny police department.

Reed was ousted from the department yesterday for the possible cover up of an incident involving a juvenile who was allegedly Tasered by Cpl. Trevor Parham while handcuffed in a holding cell April 24. Parham was previously suspended by Lt. Wesley Seitz for the incident.

The video, which was uploaded in January, shows the parking enforcement officer on his knees inside of the police station. Reed, who is in the white shirt, hands the prongs of the Taser to the man while a third officer stands behind and watches. All three laugh hysterically before and after Reed Tases the man.

Colwyn Mayor Daniel Rutland said he did not learn about the April 24 incident involving the juvenile until four days after it happened and said the proper protocols were not followed and the proper paperwork was not filed. He said he only became aware of the incident after receiving calls from concerned citizens and being told about it by Lt. Wesley Seitz.

State police were called to the police department yesterday for backup when Rutland told Reed, who was the acting head of the department, that he would not be scheduled for work while borough and county officials investigate the incident and a possible coverup.

Last night, in a closed-door executive session, borough council voted to suspend Seitz with pay. Sources said it was because council members were angry he investigated the incident, suspended Parham and reported it to Rutland.

Following the meeting, Rutland declared a state of emergency in Colwyn so he could reinstate Seitz. In the order, Rutland noted that Reed, Parham and a third officer who is alleged to have been present during the Tasing, Michael Drucker, are under investigation by the Delaware County District Attorney's Special Prosecution Unit and have been removed from the schedule.

Given the shortage of officers in the borough, the fact that Seitz is not under invesgitagation and that he is protected under the state Whistleblower's Act, Rutland reinstated him and made him acting head of the department, according to the state of emergency order.

A uniformed officer outside of the department this morning said Seitz is expected to come in to work for the night shift this evening. The officer said in his opinion, Seitz did the right thing and Reed did not back him.

Rutland and Colwyn Council President Tonette Pray have not returned requests for comment today.