This one's from our friends in Tredyffrin Township, just over the border into Chester County:

Last week, a 24-year-old Philadelphian named Alfred Tiller was pulled over on Lancaster Avenue near Darby Road for speeding in his Caddy, according to the police blotter. When asked for his name, Tiller allegedly insisted that it was "Pure Knowledge Divine."

Really? Pure Knowledge Divine? What kind of hippy-dippy alias is that? Try harder, please.

Sensing the possibility that Pure Knowledge Divine (let's just call him PKD) was not Mr. Tiller's actual name, the police officer probed a little deeper, at which point PKD gave birth dates that didn't match his registration records. Eventually, he acknowledged that he was just plain ol' Alfred Tiller, police said.

PKD was charged with speeding and providing authorities with false information, i.e., the worst alias ever.