Community activists will rally tomorrow morning at the Olney intersection where a young man and his girlfriend were gunned down Monday night possibly as retaliation for the man testifying against an accused murderer last week.

Members of Philly 300, a new collaboration of community groups who mobilized to fight crime in neighborhoods, will meet at 11 a.m. at Sparks and 3rd streets tomorrow, where Rodney Ramseur and Latia Jones, both 21, were shot to death. Police are probing whether the killer targeted Ramseur for death because he testified during Garland Doughty's preliminary hearing May 8. Doughty is accused of gunning down a neighbor during a block party in May 2010.

"Enough is enough and the weary in the community want the crime, violence and murder to end!" the group said in a statement this morning.

Members of Philly 300 include the National Exhoodus Council, Men United for a Better Philadelphia, Men In Motion in the Community and Men of Mill Creek.