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Armed thugs rob Germantown donut shop

A trio of men, all armed with handguns, ransacked a Dunkin' Donuts on Wayne Avenue near Price Street in Germantown tonight, police said.

About 7:20 p.m., three suspects, all wearing dark clothing and ski masks, entered the restaurant together, Chief Inspector Scott Small said. The first gunman through the door fired a warning shot, which struck a donut rack behind the counter and became lodged in the wall.

"It looked as if, from watching the surveillance video, that these guys had done this before," Small said. "They didn't waste any time."

The first gunman jumped behind the counter and began taking money from the registers, grabbing approximately $120, Small said.

After securing their loot, the group exited through the store's rear entrance, fleeing in an unknown direction. Investigators from Northeast Detectives were on the scene last night, lifting fingerprints left behind by the gunman who fired the warning shot, Small said.

Surveillance footage from cameras inside and outside the store are being reviewed in the investigation.

The two employees and one customer in the store at the time of the robbery were not injured.