Zed's Dead is an electronic band that took its name from the Quentin Tarantino thriller, "Pulp Fiction" - a film that includes a grisly overdose scene - and at the band's performance last night at the Electric Factory, fact mirrored fiction when at least four people overdosed at the show, causing the gig to be cancelled, according to the fire department and social media.

Initial reports from the Associated Press said police responded to the Electric Factory at 7th Street near Callowhill around 8 p.m. and found nine concertgoers passed out from possible overdoses. Several bloggers reported that the overdosers ranged in age from 15 to 25.

A dispatcher with fire communications said that a total of four people were taken from the venue due to overdoses. They were transported to various area hospitals, including the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Hahnemann University Hospital, but all were in stable condition, he said.

The dispatcher said medics were called to the scene several times from 8 to 10 p.m. for reports of overdosing, though he did not know what type of drug may have caused the overdoses.

The overdoses appear to have caused the closure of the popular music venue Saturday night, which was open to all ages for the show.

On their Twitter account, the Electric Factory wrote: "In regards to Sat.s (sic) show, we are working on a solution and will have a definitive answer Monday. Please stayed tuned."

Zed's Dead tweeted: "Philly were (sic) just as upset as you that the show was shut down. Its (sic) out of our hands but hold tight. We're trying to work out a show for 2nite."

It appears from their Twitter account that Zed's Dead was able to hold a last-minute show at Lit Ultrabar in Old City. In response to a fan, they wrote that they will still makeup the cancelled Electric Factory show.

On Zed's Dead's Facebook page, people are saying "Where the refund at?" and "Im (sic) curious to see if we get refunds or what kind of solution they come up with as compensation for the cancelled show."

On the Electric Factory's Facebook page, one fan suggested that the venue make up the cancelled show by hosting "A free show for anyone who bout (sic) a ticket? check ID at the door? its an 18+ show. Little kids stay home."