A Northeast Philly family was injured today after their new pet literally bit the hands that feed it.

Just before 5 p.m., a 33-year-old woman and her two kids — an 11-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl — were attacked by their pit-bull inside their apartment on Lansford Street near Eden, police said.

It's unclear why the dog, which the family had adopted Monday, bit them, but it was enough to send the two kids running, screaming out of the home while their mother hid in a nearby bathroom, said Chief Inspector Scott Small, who responded to the scene.

All three had puncture wounds to, and skin torn from, their left arms in the attack, and were taken by police to Aria Health's Torresdale hospital. The boy had the most severe injuries — his left forearm was broken during the struggle with the dog.

That boy was later transferred to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where he remains tonight for treatment, Small said.

The city's Animal Care and Control Team, from which the family adopted the dog, came to the home to take it into custody, Small said.