Cops on Monday night said they arrested two suspects who they believe brutally beat a parking lot attendant with a brick and robbed him last month in Center City.

Arrest warrants were issued for Ronald Moore, 37, and Tamika Wilkins, 36, on Friday, and police said the pair were nabbed without incident on Mole Street near Wharton in Point Breeze late Sunday night. They were being questioned by detectives Monday.

Asrat Mamo, 30, was working as an attendant at an E-Z Park lot on Locust Street near 13th the night of April 4, when cops say they believe the pair accosted him, severely beat him in the head with a brick and robbed him of $100 cash. Mamo was critically wounded in the beating, but has since been released from the hospital.

Moore and Wilkins face charges including aggravated assault and robbery.