UPDATED (Police told the Daily News' Julie Shaw Tuesday morning that a 15-year-old who claimed she was raped had made up her story. The updated story is below.)

The police Special Victims Unit Tuesday morning confirmed that a 15-year-old girl who said she was kidnapped at knifepoint Monday from the Frankford Transportation Center, then raped in a house, ended up recanting her story last night, admitting she made it up.

Sgt. Robert Sutula said the girl recanted her story while being interviewed at the Special Victims Unit. The girl had actually been "out with a male acquaintance," he said. "During her interview, she recanted her report of the rape."

Sutula said police "looked into her story and during her interview, she decided she better come clean."

"She was out with somebody that she knew and she needed a cover story," he said. "She needed to come up with an excuse of where she was at the time."

The girl had told police that she was kidnapped about 3:30 p.m. Monday at knifepoint from the transportation center by a knife-wielding black man wearing a black hoodie, then blindfolded by a black woman in a red four-door vehicle parked at a nearby McDonald's on Frankford Avenue. She had claimed she was then raped in a house before being dropped off at the same McDonald's.