While my esteemed colleague is recovering from an illness today I held down the fort. It was a busy night.

- Three more animals were found decapitated in the Greenmount Cemetery in Hunting Park yesterday and Sunday, investigators for the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said yesterday. A beheaded rooster was found hanging from a tree about 4p.m. Monday, a bloody plate and knife nearby. A goat and another rooster were discovered Sunday morning. The rooster was also hanging from a tree; the goat was left in a road. Eight goats were found sacrificed two weeks ago. PSPCA investigators say the incidents are connected and are working to track down who’s responsible. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

- In other news, a man who police have not identified was hospitalized last night after being shot multiple times during a carjacking last night in East Falls , police said. The shooting occurred on

Fox Street
Abbottsford Avenue
about 8 p.m., police said. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he’s being treated. Suspects were seen fleeing in a white Bonneville, possibly with a window shot out.
 In another shooting, an 18-year-old teenager was hospitalized yesterday after being shot in the head in Nicetown police said. The shooting took place on
Germantown Avenue
West Seymour Street
about 3:30p.m. Police reported no suspects or motive.