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Ramsey gets pay bump to stay

After a month of speculation that his bags were all but packed to return home to Chicago, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced this afternoon that he'll remain in Philadelphia.

Ramsey will also get a pay bump out of the deal, as his salary will go from $195,000 to $255,000. Mayor Nutter said that Ramsey was grossly underpaid.

The new salary brings some new responsibility. Nutter had asked Ramsey to work with the school district to develop a comprehensive anti-violence plan.

Ramsey says Nutter "very aggressively " made it clear that he wanted the commissioner stay.

He said three factors played into his decision to stay: the potential of the department to improve, his relationship with the families of the fallen police officers and Nutter's vision for the city going forward. "I want to be a part of it," he said.

Ramsey said he was "totally prepared" to go back to Chicago.