Police on Monday identified a Temple University student arrested on drug charges after three gunmen forced their way into a house and robbed him and three other students Sunday night.

Cops busted Massimo Pulcini, 21, for drug possession and related charges, a spokeswoman said, after they found marijuana inside his house on Page Street near 15th while investigating the home-invasion robbery.

According to Pulcini's LinkedIn profile, he's a journalism student set to graduate next year (insert jokes about journalists having to take side jobs to pay the bills here). On his Twitter, he says he's a Philadelphia journalist and photographer.

Don't worry, Pulcini, getting nabbed for having weed probably won't affect your chances of getting a job in journalism -- mostly because there are no jobs in journalism.

As for the three guys responsible for the home-invasion, cops said they stole all four victims' cell phones and an unknown amount of cash. Police arrested one of the men they believe was responsible for the home-invasion Sunday, but he hasn't been charged.