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Thief takes toys from Bucks donation bin

An unidentified woman really Scrooged over a Bucks County restaurant yesterday.

Nicole Dean, the general manager of the Wings-To-Go franchise on Oxford Valley Road in Fairless Hills said the woman helped herself to at least two items in a Toys-For-Tots donation bin, all while in full view of other customers and the store's surveillance camera, which caught her in the act.

"When we replayed the footage, I was just shocked," said Dean. "Hard to believe someone would do this…there was another guy right in front of when she reached in."

Dean  said it's the first time someone has stolen from the donation bin, which the restaurant has hosted for about a decade.

Bucks County police are investigating the theft, which Dean said does have one positive aspect.

"People have been backing their trucks up to the restaurant all day," she said. "We have a ton of toys now, more than ever."