Women, haven't we all come across men who we can tell at a glance are trouble? Sometimes you just know what you know.

So, the fact that an Australian study published last week revealed that women can predict with some accuracy whether an unfamiliar male will cheat just by looking at his face shouldn't come as a huge surprise to a lot of us. In the report, which appeared in the journal Biology Letters, researchers revealed that female study participants made those judgments based on how masculine-looking a man appeared in a photo.  Interestingly, attractiveness wasn't a factor.

Males who participated in the study had a harder time. Scientists noted that they tended to perceive attractive, feminine women to be cheaters, but there was no evidence that that was true.

Female participants were zeroing in on subliminal cues when gazing at the photos of the male two timers. What was it exactly? Maybe they picked up on a touch of arrogance in the man's smile. Or perhaps a certain cockiness in the way he holds his head. Who knows?

But it sure does add a little credence to that old Chris Rock quip that says "a man is basically as faithful as his options."