Uh oh. Cue the Mommy Wars.

Things are jumping off again thanks to Time magazine's controversial new cover depicting an attractive 26-year-old California mom breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. A headline blares "Are you mom enough?" The kid is dressed in camouflage pants and is standing on a chair to reach his mother's exposed breast. What's causing jaws to drop is that the little boy looks more than old enough to drink from a sippy cup. Heck, I can almost picture him going to the refrigerator and pouring his own drink.

The cover, which is accompanied by other eyebrow- raising several other photos of breast-feeding moms in similar poses, goes with a story about attachment parenting. The practice advocates wearing children in slings, co-sleeping, natural birth and homeschooling among other ways of keeping children close. It's a concept popularized by pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears, author of "The Baby Book."

Since Sears' work is the focus on the piece, some readers are crying foul, accusing Time magazine of intentionally stirring up controversy by using the photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet's breastfeeding a child at an age most kids have been weaned by.

Some readers are saying it borders on exploitation, which doesn't sound all that far off. All I know is, that kid is going to catch it when he gets to school."

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