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Will Kim Be Tardy for the Party at the Ritz-Carlton tomorrow?

Will Kim Zolciak be tardy for the party in Philly tomorrow at the Ritz-Carlton?

Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak will arrive in Philadelphia tomorrow for a black-tie charity fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton.  "You hear of celebrities giving back to other countries. Often times, the United States is overlooked," Zolciak said of her reason for coming here. "I want to make people's holidays special." Her visit was arranged by the  Joy to the World Fest ( which is the brainchild of a local commodities trader who felt moved to raise money to help local anti-poverty efforts. "I've seen friends of mine go from everything to nothing," Zolciak told me over the phone. "It's unbelievable. My dad was laid dad ran law firms forever. You tend to take for granted. There was no loyalty."
    Big Papa, her former love interest on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, "is in a bad place financially himself."
Speaking of Big Papa, one way Zolciak is hoping to help secure her own future by writing a self-help book called, "How to Land Your Own Big Papa." "I get asked, I swear to you, many times a day, 'how did you get Big Papa?' People really believe that money makes you happy," she said. "It (the book) talks about really loving yourself first. People look to a partner to save them... It, basically, talks about loving yourself and not putting up with a man's crap."
     "Money is great," she said but "that Louis Vuitton is 2-years-old and that ring (that Big Papa gave her) isn't on my hand, it's in a safe...You can't look to somebody to save you."
      Zolciak, who's in the second trimester of a pregnancy with a baby conceived with Atlanta Falcons beau Kroy Biermann who she met on the show, pointed out, "I'm the only divorced person on either side of my family on both sides."  Will she marry again? "I could definitely see myself in the future doing that at some point."
But don't look for Biermann to be in Philly this weekend. He's got a game and as for Zolciak let's hope she's not "tardy for the party."