The History Channel, which not long ago backed away from showing "The Kennedys," has ordered a five-part, 10-hour docudrama on the Bible, to be "shot on location [using] state-of-the-art visual effects."

It's from producer Mark Burnett. Yes, the man who's brought us "Survivor," "The Apprentice" and "Shark Tank," to name just a few of his creations.

What could possibly go wrong?

One bit of good news for those who worry overmuch about those ever-shifting end-of-the-world deadlines: The series isn't scheduled to air until 2013.

Another, at least for fans of "Touched by an Angel": Burnett's wife, actress Roma Downey, is also an executive producer.

We've already got a Twitter hashtag for this one: #markburnettsbible and @dloehr was early off the mark with "The apostles are voted out off one at a time. Judas survives entirely too many rounds" and "Ooo, Celebrity Apostles!"

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