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Remote Possibilities:'Save Me' (or don't)

A few things to watch (or feed your DVR).

The first day of the summer season, and it's a jungle out there already, with NBC tossing "Save Me," its leftover midseason sitcom with Anne Heche, on to the Summer Burn-Off Theater barbie at 8 and 8:30 p.m. -- you can read my review here --  and Fox at 9 launching "Does Someone Have to Go?" a "reality" series in which businesses allow employees to decide which of their colleagues isn't cutting it -- and to do something about it.

Originally, this one was to be called  "Someone's Gotta Go," and had companies in trouble letting workers vote on who got fired, but in this economy, even Fox apparently thought that might not fly. So now it's possible that no one will get the ax. But still, if this is your idea of entertainment, you must really miss the days when lions and Christians got together.

Meanwhile, ABC continues to play it safely Canadian for the summer, with its new police drama, "Motive" at 9 (I kind of liked it, but forgot it almost immediately afterward), followed by the return of "Rookie Blue," which in its fourth season probably should be called "Veteran Blue."

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