Earth to Philly was at the SustainaBall on Friday night and had a chance to talk to some of the movers & shakers of local sustainability.

Mayor Nutter got out of there before we could reach him with our MP3 recorder, but we did have some brief audio chats with Judy Wicks (White Dog Cafe), Nate Johnson (Roofscapes, Inc.) and Councilman Jim Kenney. They're compiled in this special-report podcast (MP3, 8 MB).

As a side note, this event was one of many E2P has attended in an official capacity and was the first in which the food served made a significant nod to real sustainability with plentiful vegan options and compostable dinnerware. This was largely due to Cosmic Catering, but they were so busy doing there jobs we didn't have a chance to get an interview. Instead Earth to Philly will be following up with the company in a separate report. Watch for that in early May.