Early last week E2P correspondent Signe Wilkinson tipped you to a meeting on the pending deal to bring Ride the Ducks tourist boats - now infamous for a fatal collision on the Delaware River this summer- to the (barge-free) Schuylkill. Today the Daily News has a story by Catherine Lucey indicating that previous reports that this deal was practically a sure thing may have been premature.

It's unclear at this point if that community meeting had anything to do with this development - though the story does mention "substantial opposition in the surrounding neighborhoods" - but once the bidding process was done and Ride the Ducks was the only bidder, the city said nothing was definite and announced a new committee to review the appropriateness of the project.

There are certainly ample environmental and other reasons to examine this deal very closely; and despite our cheeky headline, Earth to Philly is officially agnostic on whether it should go forward. You don't have to be, though - take the "Hot Button" poll and/or let us know in comments below whether you think it's a good idea to have the Ducks ride the Schuylkill.

UPDATE: Thanks for your perspectives... had to repost this alternate "artist's conception" that our first commenter, InNane, submitted... someone actually wondered about this very scenario when I brought up the issue.