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Higgs Shows His True Color

Does Anyone Know the Name of this Hairstyle?

Higgs did well as a guest blogger. He's also an early adopter, having had his own google+ account for  months now. If you google Higgs Flam you'll find he's navigating gracefully through the world of social networking. Deep down, however, he's quite shy and would be pleased to have more people join his circles.

Several readers corrected me on the headline I gave his post, informing me that Higgs is not yellow. The correct term for his coloration is apparently orange, or ginger. To me his fur looks yellow in indirect or artificial light and orange when low-angled sunshine streams in the windows. Ginger sounds too feminine for a male cat.

But that's just his haircolor. As you can see, his true color is pink. He got this radical punk hairstyle courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where he underwent some allergy tests last March.  Is there a name for this style? If they shaved the other side it would almost be a Mohawk. I was horrified when I first saw him in this state, but he wears it well. It's fashionably asymmetrical. If he ever got to back outside, every cat in Philadelphia would want to look like this.