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UFOlogists come to Philly, say PA is Second in Sightings

Attn UFOlogists: There's an alien in my laundry.

A group of UFOlogists are meeting this Saturday in the Philadelphia area, and I'd like to call their attention to this photo. Could that face belong to a creature of this world? I found out about the meeting from a press announcement, which boasts we in PA are second only to California in sightings:

"Do you know that Pennsylvania has the highest number of sightings reported, next to California? (Mutual UFO Network report in September, 2011)"

Second place isn't bad but we might move into first if we could figure out what they're after in California. Is it the sushi? The wine? Are Californians more fun to abduct? Here's more:

Three experts confirm the argument that "We Are Not Alone" Saturday, December 31, noon-5pm at Tredyffrin Public Library, 582 Upper Gulph Road, Radnor, PA 19087. Admission is $20 at the door. No reservations are needed.

  1. Author Peter Robbins ("Left at East Gate" on an incident at Rendelsham Air Force Base in the UK) recounts his 1978 experience at the UN hearings on establishing a department for unidentified flying objects.

  2. Author Richard M. Dolan ("A.D. After Disclosure-The People's Guide to Life After Contact," predicts world changes in religion, economics, technology, law, education, media, and culture once the secrecy veil is lifted by the US government. Dolan is spearheading a petition requiring full disclosure of US military and government reports on UFO sightings, crashes, and skirmishes.

  3. Karyn Dolan presents "UFO & Paranormal Research," describing the differences and similarities between the two fields. She is host of the Internet radio program, "Through the Keyhole" on the Paranormal Radio Network.

Lee Spiegel of the Huff Post (online) writes,

    "Thousands of people who believe in UFOs and think the U.S. government knows more than it admits were hoping for a breakthrough last month when they signed petitions on the "We The People" website. But they got what they've been getting for decades -- nothing.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy announced on the site there was no evidence of alien life and "no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye." But Ufologists -- those who study the various possibilities of unidentified flying objects -- aren't giving up."

This last paragraph could apply to creationists. Persistence is a wonderful quality, as is the courage to hold on to unpopular ideas. But it's not so good if years go by and you get absolutely no evidence to support your hypothesis. Sometimes science is like poker – you have to know when to fold a losing hand.

From the sociological side, there are some interesting questions to be asked. I'd like to know why so many popular depictions of aliens have felid features. Sometimes movie aliens look like cephalopods, or insects, but they never look like dogs. There are never dogs from outer space. Most drawings show aliens with the upturned eyes of a cat. If you took away the luxuriant fur and whiskers, Higgs (pictured above) would be a dead ringer for ET.