Our new player deposit bonus is back for another week!

If you sign up for a new account on philly.fanduel.com and deposit money in it by end of day Friday, we'll put an extra $10 into your account on Saturday. And that extra $10 is on top of our new player deposit bonuses.

This means you can get up to $30 for free from us, giving you a nice cushion to begin your path to fantasy dominance. Take on your friends in head-to-head games or play in our big prize tournaments. There's lots of fun to be had.

So what are you waiting for? This extra bonus won't last forever. So head to philly.fanduel.com to sign up and deposit now.

Matt Mullin is a sports producer at philly.com. You can reach him by e-mail at mmullin@philly.com. Follow Matt on Twitter: @matt_mullin