Few surprises in this year's Oscar nominations. Still and all, was surprised that no persons of color were nominated in the major categories. Which gives rise to the question: Is the Academy snow-blind, does it see only white?

While there were no nominatable performances that I can think of by Asian-American or Latino stars (no one thinks J. Lo's performance in The Back-Up Plan is Oscar-worthy, nor Jackie Chan's in The Karate Kid) there were handful of terrific performances by African-Americans. I'm thinking Kimberly Elise's shattering turn as the grieving mother in Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls and Anthony Mackie's and Kerry Washington's quiet ambiguity in Tanya Hamilton's splendid feature debut, Night Catches Us.
For the most part in 2010, African-American directors made the kind of genre films not typically on the Oscar radar: Sanaa Hamri's charming rom-com Just Wright, the Hughes Brother's action parable The Book of Eli  and Tyler Perry's melodrama Why Did I Get Married 2.
Am I missing other Oscar-worthy performances, movies or screenplays? Your thoughts?