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Name a Decent Movie Made From a TV Series

Besides Star Trek, has there ever been a decent big-screen entertainment made from a small-screen franchise?

Today's release of The A-Team occasions this question to which Flickgrrl's kneejerk response is "no, no, no." Two words: The Avengers. Two more: McHale's Navy.

A more reasoned response would consider The Muppet Movie (1979),  The Naked Gun (1988), The Fugitive (1993), The Brady Bunch Movie (1995, with the Brady's still stuck in the 1970s) and Maverick (1994, carried by the charms of Jodie Foster, James Garner and Mel Gibson) and Sex and the City (2008). In that subcategory of Saturday Night Live routines expanded to features, Flickgrrl would allow The Blues Brothers  (1980)  and Wayne's World (1992).

Are there rules that govern what kind of TV material is adaptable to film? What titles do you nominate?