Just in time to promote the release of The Hangover, Part II, XFINITY celebrates 20 billion On Demand views since 2003 with The Hangover (2009) its most-viewed new-release film. Nationally and locally, The Blind Side and Couples Retreat are the next two most-viewed movie titles.

On Demand offerings include television, music and children's entertainment, so that 20 billion figure isn't all movies. (Movie views account for approximately 25 percent of that 20 billion.)  Entourage, The Sopranos and South Park are the most-viewed television titles in Philadelphia, a slight deviation from the national favorites of South Park, Entourage and Sex in the City.
Given that at the movie box office in 2009, The Hangover was the #6 film, The Blind Side ranked #8 and Couples Retreat #29, it suggests that many viewers will go out to theaters for spectacles such as AvatarTransformers and Twilight, but will wait to see character-driven films at home.
Given that Comcast/XFINITY says approximately 25 per cent of its four billion 2010 On-Demand views were for films, that represents about one billion views -- an incredible number when you consider that in 2010, 1.33 billion movie tickets were sold.
Your thoughts? What proportion of your moviegoing is XFINITY or Verizon On-Demand, in theaters or streaming?