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About those 72 Virgins....

Abby and Ozzie, perfect together

As I noted on Friday, some people have a problem with the concept of Hell.  They seem to have a big problem with the idea that a Satanic Salon actually exists, although they've secretly got their fingers crossed in case Dick Cheney pops off in the near future.

Well, seeing...or believing.  Here is a direct posting from Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the second most heralded casualty of US forces since, oh, last Sunday.

Abby is a bit perturbed at his new bunkmate, a dude named Ozzie.  Can you blame him?

Blogger David Burge is brilliant.  He takes the snark that liberals perfected in the person of, for example, Rachel Maddow, crams it into a tidy little package, and hoists those uber-snots by their own petards.

Bravo Mr. Burge.  As for Abby, the fun has only just begun...