Some were mourning the death of Dick Clark today, and I understand that since he was such a part of the fabric of teen lives for the past six decades.  And yet, I was never a huge Bandstand fan, maybe because watching my 1970's contemporaries shimmy and hustle with perfect bodies, hair and teeth made me realize I was lucky to go to a girls school.
But when I heard that Barnabas Collins had died, it was a sock to the gut.  Jonathan Frid, the lovelorn vampire's alter ego passed away today, and with him a piece of my earliest, TV-loving youth.
I remember rushing home from St. Mary's Academy in Logan to watch him pine away for the beautiful Josette and battle the infinitely-more-sexy (and devious) Angelique.  
The acting was fairly over the top, the sets were low rent (I remember watching Barnabas swat a fly that made its unfortunate way onscreen and refused to leave) and the storylines were simplistic.
And yet, no show today with all of its technical sophistication and perfect, plastic actors can match the magic of Collinswood and its denizens.
Speaking of Collinswood, I always thought that Barnabas lived over the bridge in Jersey.  It was heartbreaking to learn I was wrong.
Rest in peace, Barnabas.  A 50 year old little girl is mourning.