The National Organization for Women has apparently sent a memo to all of its journalist members, urging them to write in support of that most stigmatized and defenseless of demographics:  nuns.
I can’t say for sure, but that must be the case, since I’ve read a lot of columns in the past few days attacking the Vatican for, in turn, criticizing American religious sisters.  I actually disagree with Rome’s decision to call out the female faithful (audible gasp!)  The Holy “See-No-Evil” should not have singled out nuns for failing to be more vocal about homosexuality and abortion when it was painfully silent on the abuse scandal. 
But I have to be honest.  There is no nun-in-good standing that I’ve ever met in my almost two decades experience with them who support a woman’s right to choose murder or think that same-sex marriage is a good idea.
My real beef is not with the Vatican, though.  It’s with the female commentators who like to pretend that nuns are just radical feminists in full-length raincoats.  One columnist commiserated with her sisters who are ‘second class citizens’ and implied that nuns were bemused at the stupid antics of those silly, celibate men (kind of like religious Wilmas tolerating moronic Freds.)
Nice try, ladies.  But the good sisters don’t need your ‘support.’  In my 16 years of Catholic school (13 of them spent with nuns) I never met a woman who felt enslaved by her holy vows.  They are proud of their central position in the church, don’t need to administer sacraments to be validated and resent the secular notion that they carry water for the men.
So the liberated ladies out there might want to turn their attention to another group of women who are reeally enslaved by religious insanity.
The Middle East is calling.