Want to cool down? Skip the alcohol.

Located throughout Center City and beyond, these juices, sodas and teas contain summer fruits and other ingredients that will give you a buzz without the booze.

Try any of these 12 delicious drinks to keep you refreshed on hot summer days.

Hip City Veg
Groothie ($5.25)

127 S. 18th St. & 214 S. 40th St.

You can grab this healthy green drink in either Rittenhouse or University City at Nicole Marquis' quick-serve Vegan restaurant. The signature juice is made with apples, leafy greens, bananas and other fruit.

Sip-N-Glo Juicery
Heat Wave ($8.59)

932 South St.

The name speaks for itself! Cool off with this summer juice, which includes watermelon, green tea, lime, and mint. Look out for a second Sip-N-Glo Juicery opening in Rittenhouse mid-September.

Girard Brasserie & Bruncherie
Coconut Chai Lemonade ($3.50)

300 E. Girard Ave.

The European-inspired no-tip restaurant in Fishtown offers more than a half-dozen cold drinks. Go for the coconut chai lemonade, which mixes coconut water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and house chai tea. This BYOB also offers mixers if you wish to bring alcohol.

Vernick Food & Drink
Fennel & Orange ($6)

2031 Walnut St.

This fennel & orange soda is new to the award-winning restaurant's long list of house-soda and mocktail offerings. The staff soaks orange peels in sugar overnight to get the citrus flavor.

Franklin Fountain
Lime Rickey ($5.40)
116 Market St.

This popular ice cream spot in Old City has more than just frozen treats, with more than two dozen sodas to choose from. The staff tells us this lime rickey - made with limeade and seltzer - has been a favorite all summer. (116 Market St.)

Cheesecake Factory
Frozen Iced Mango ($6.50)
1430 Walnut St.

While the chain, new to Center City, may be known for its cheesecakes and American fare, it also serves up some chilled non-alcoholic drinks, including this frozen iced mango.

The Dandelion
Rose Lemonade ($6)
124 S. 18th St.

At Stephen Starr's British-inspired gastropub in Rittenhouse, there are five specialty sodas to choose from, including this rose lemonade.

Animo Juice & Burrito Bar
Paradise (16 oz. $5.5, 24 oz. $7)
1701 Arch St.

The paradise juice contains pineapple, mango, banana, and orange. The staff tells us customers frequently ask for kale mixed in as well - which is what is pictured here. (1701 Arch St.)

Frozen lemonnana ($2.50)
1625 Sansom St.

While the hummus at Michael Solomonov's casual middle-eastern spot may be getting national attention, the restaurant also serves a satisfying frozen mint lemonade to go along with it.

Tea Do
Red Guava ($3.50)
132 N. 10th St.

If you're strolling around Chinatown, join the party. The red guava bubble tea, which has strawberry-popping bubbles inside, is a festive counterpoint to spicy food.

Fruit Fuzzion (16 oz. $4, 24 oz. $6)
1917 E. Passyunk Ave. & 1225 Walnut St.

This health restaurant has a long list of smoothies and juices to choose from. Cool off with the "fruit fuzzion" juice, which contains strawberries, raspberries, and banana.

Mango Lassi - $5
2100 Chestnut St.

The owner is in the process of turning this coffee shop into an Indian cafe. One of the new drinks is the lassi - a traditional Indian yogurt-based drink. The lassi pictured here is mango-flavored, and contains mango puree, yogurt, milk, and syrup. It also contains ice to make it a little lighter. Other flavors offered are strawberry, pineapple, peach, and blueberry.