As summer storms shower the garden with rain, the garden begins showering the kitchen with produce.

Move over, hot sauce and dirty coffee cups.

There is no longer room for you on the kitchen counters. Rather, now is the time to fill that space with produce. It's the time to let tomatoes, peppers and squash sprawl across every inch of surface before delving into fresh, soil-to-table cooking.

Whether you're a home-gardener or more of a farmer's market shopper, this time of year often yields both abundance and variety. These factors make it easy to incorporate produce into meals, multiple times per day. Below are eight recipes to get started. Eat up while fruits and veggies are at their most flavorful and nutritious point. The taste of a tomato plucked out of season won't compare to a vine-ripened one, and that goes for a bowl full of gazpacho served out of season, too.

Find each recipe paired with a cold brew suggested by Jake Dean, store manager of the Foodery Center City, and Kyle Sebring, beer manager of the Corner Foodery.

Once dinner's on the plate, grab a fork and a bottle opener, and with luck, a seat on the back porch.

Savor in the way every summer evening should feel.