Ordinarily, you might not care about a restaurant review, but when Guy Fieri is on the receiving end, why not.

The New York Times 2012 review of Guy's American Kitchen & Bar in Manhattan remains one of the most scathing surgical dissections of a restaurant ever typed.

The Daily Meal's Dan Myers went to Atlantic City to try Guy Fieri's Chophouse - the peroxided pitchman's first steakhouse, which opened recently at Bally's.

Myers calls it "one of the most fun and creative steakhouses to open in recent memory..."

"Intentionally or not, Guy Fieri's Chophouse represents a major culinary shift for the chef, away from gimmicks and self-aggrandizing and more toward fun, inspired menus conceptualized with the help of truly talented partners whose only goal is to give diners a solid meal grounded in creative recipes and professional execution," he wrote.

Bulk of the credit goes to Caesars, and Myers contends that "Fieri was wise to leave the bulk of the decisions in their hands."

Review is here.